• Tammy Allison, Esq.

Be Kind to a Lawyer Day 2020

In celebration of Be Kind to a Lawyer Day, I was featured in Attorney at Law Magazine alongside a number of other esteemed attorneys.

For the article, we were each asked to recognize another lawyer who had influenced or inspired us. I gave a shoutout to my mentor and former U.S. Pardon Attorney, Ronald L. Rodgers:

"I joke and say former U.S. Pardon Attorney Ronald L. Rodgers 'raised me DOJ' and he’s my 'Godfather.' He is one of the smartest, patient, supportive, and inspirational individuals that I have ever met in my life."

You can view the full article to read about the other attorneys who were featured for Be Kind to a Lawyer Day.

Remember to say thank you to an attorney in your life who has guided you through a difficult legal matter or otherwise helped you become the person you are today.

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