• Tammy Allison, Esq.

Delicate Balance for Black Women Attorneys in Government

Updated: May 18

As a black woman in my industry, I'm part of a very small minority. In fact, I was only the second African-American attorney every hired to the Office of the Pardon Attorney, and I now run the first ever black-owned private expert Federal Executive Clemency law firm.

I had the privilege of sharing my experience as both a black woman and an attorney for the latest issue of Washington Lawyer. It was an amazing opportunity to discuss the need for more diversity in the legal profession as well as the barriers that prevent so many intelligent, qualified women of color from reaching their full potential.

"There are a lot of women who look like us that are not going to apply because they don't think they will be selected."

It was such an honored to be featured and acknowledged for my contribution to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the legal industry.

But for me, using my platform is about so much more than the recognition that comes along with it. I'm here to help pave the way for underrepresented groups to hopefully follow in my footsteps, whether it be in law or any other profession.

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